Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I just got back from Austin Texas and the 2005 Ride for the Roses. What a trip. I went up to Minneapolis to catch Cirque du Soleil the night before my flight. Cirque was awesome and the female performers can call me up anytime they need a date. Anyway, I got to the airport at 4:45 am the next morning, dragged that bike case around for a bit, and gave it to Frontier to deal with for a bit. Big props to Fronier Airlines for not, I repeat, not charging me to fly my bike at all this weekend. Did you hear that NWA, UA, AA, Delta? I arrived in Austin after a snowy layover in Denver. Have you ever seen the "oversized" baggage bin with nearly 40 bike boxes sitting in it? I rented my fly KIA Accent from Thrifty. A pretty fly little car that used a whopping 4.5 gallons all weekend. Hmmmm. I went over to a cousin's house who should become my sponsor after the way I was treated all weekend. His family was incredible. I caught a little ride and then headed over to the Livestrong Village. Now hang on because I have to post a lot of pictures so I am not sure how Blogger is going to do this.  Posted by Picasa

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Ian Stanford said...

Cleary I do not know how to post a series of photos. I need some Blogger training. -Ian