Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lance. Ya, I think this picture is all sideways. Anyway, I registered for the ride, caught George signing autographs for hundreds, and went over to the AMLI crit. The crit. was right downtown in Austin. I had no idea how I would feel and I also lined up in the back by mistake. After a few laps I moved to the front where Jason Sager, Brad Huff, Mike Creed, and other studs were hanging out. Huff was on breakaway mode and I finally chased one down. Sager came up after that along with a few others. After being absorbed by a small group some absolute idiot hooked me in the first turn and put me down. Road rash and a destroyed front wheel. "Hey Bontrager, have fun with this one." After that I chilled a bit on the lousy road surface. It got dark in the last 6 or so laps and everyone was riding like poo. Jason Sager won and that is pretty cool. The crowds were awesome even if some had un poco mas cerveza.  Posted by Picasa

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