Thursday, October 13, 2005

One answer to why I was so slow at sheboygan could be found in this photo. My excuses are as follows. A: It was my only sister's wedding. B: It was New Glarus Spotted Cow (umm good). C: Perhaps trying to hang onto the season until Sheboygan was pushing it. Anyway, wedding photo's suck. My sister had 25 disposable camera's on the tables and she got them back today. Nothing incriminating regarding me so I am safe there. This photo was actually taken by me. Not to bad for apparently being drunk. Frame is centered, the light is right, my eyes are all messed up. Today I started shoveling show stalls at my sister's horse ranch. ie: If you have ever shoveled out a stall for any large animal you will now that it will kill you. Top it off, this past show was a saddlebred show and they do not clean their stall during the entire show. They just dump more wood shavings and hay on it. It turns into one gigantic clump of crap. A great core workout though. I get out there, put on a mask (for the dust), some cycling gloves (for the shovel handle), Ipod (to prevent insanity), and start heaving this crap out into the aisle. I can do about 8 stalls an hour with how bad they are. Normally you can do about twelve. I get about a $1.50 per stall which makes me want to finish up school or to start buying more Powerball tickets. Hey, we only have about 280 more stalls to go. This definitely warrants a massage. Well, that is the only wedding photo I am putting up. Damn, that beer was pretty good though. Ciao -Ian  Posted by Picasa

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