Monday, October 17, 2005

A picture of Winona, Minnesota from a vantage point off of the Holzinger Trail. The weather has been incredible here. Those perfect Fall days only beckon my legs to the bike. Do I know better? Should I tell? I hit the trail with camera in full force to capture some of the singletrack beauty only seen during this time of the year. You have only about 2-weeks to catch it and then it is gone. The leaves are all over the ground right now which demand lower tire pressures to prevent the uncontrolled and unexpecting skids into stationary tree formations located conveniently on the outside of every leafy turn. The leaves also cover up those babyheads that you try to avoid all summer. Do you remember where they are? BAM! nope. Still, with tunnels carved out of trees turning yellow, cool breezes hinting of a harsh winter, and unique-to-fall odors lofting about, hmmmmm, could Fall be the most beautiful time of the year? I don't want to get off the bike after beautiful rides like this. I just want to keep on going. It made me think a few days ago though. I figured out that even though your ride is finished for the day it really never does come to an end. -Ian  Posted by Picasa


Jordan Peterson said...

Yes Ian I know how you feel. Yesterday I went on a 4 hour and 30 minute ride with Sara and Scott KJ and I actually don't want it to snow! Your lucky your going down to Arizona to put in monster hours on the other hand i'll be in Minnesota cross-training my butt off.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a picture other than the one we've been seeing for the last week!!!