Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Ride for the Roses was something else. All these people here because of cancer. It all revolves around one man, Lance. as Sager puts it on his website, you can love this guy or hate him but what he is doing for the cancer community is almost unexplainable. It is something so huge and so inspirational to millions that I am done ever saying anything negative about Lance again. Personally, I like the guy. We started the ride a couple miles out and then the Lance group was on us. A huge press truck with cameras all over it sat right in front of us. There was Lance, George, and all of Lance's big friends. We rode with this group to checkpoint one where Lance and George stopped. Sager, myself and a few other left with Kevin Livingston and finished off the 70-mile ride. The 100 was more than any of us needed. At one feedzone a suppport car crushed some dudes bike. Cool in a way. It was all pinned under his car. What was really something was the people with cards on their backs that would say "In memory of" or "In honor of" but the most inspirational ones were the " A Survivor." A lot of people riding for a lot of reasons. I had my own and I will be back next year. I flew out of Austin super early again, went to a sunny Denver, and back to a dreary Minneapolis. A big thanks to all of thise who made donations to the LAF this year, my family for the care while in Austin, and Scott Kaisan for hooking me up with a Bontrager XXX front wheel after mine was eaten by the Gods of asphalt. A really big thanks for all of those who participated in such an event. -Ian Posted by Picasa

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