Friday, October 28, 2005

Rocky Mountain Home

After figuring out my school schedule and what I need for classes it looks like I am spending next semester back in Boulder. However, this should be it for school unless the Colorado State legislators decide to add new Criminal Justice core classes.
Not much new around here. I am tearing down bikes so that I can sell them, looking for what I want next year, and trying to heal of the recent additions of road rash to my body. Tonight I am going to a women's soccer game between Winona State University and Mankato State. We have the indoor box seat gig so I don't have to bring the flask of Hot 100 with me.
Some of you will be cool with this one and some will say "what the hell?" but I got my upgrade to Pro last week on the mountain bike. Hey, I had the points. Personally, I like it because as you stay in this sport longer you tend to lose variations of motivation. Getting my ass kicked by a bunch of NORBA Pro regulars should keep my training and focus in a constant state of motivation.
This weekend I have a team meeting with the Nature Valley crew up in Minneapolis. Sunday I am working at a cross race. All in all a somewhat busy weekend.
I am not posting how much my blog is worth as a link but the $545.49 is definitely worth more that Sager's at an astounding $0.00. What is up with that? -Ian
I could use that money. How do I sell this thing?

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CXKing said...

I got my pro MTB upgrade for 2005 after nto entering a single MTB race in 2004. Figure that one out. I turned in my cross results and told NORBA that being a road pro (which I was at the time) is harder than being a NORBA pro so they should just upgrade me.