Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tom's Terrific. That is what this section of trail is called on the Holzinger Trail system. While it may not look so tricky in this photo it can be. There are a lot of elements that affect this section. You have to climb up a slippery rock section that only beomes more greasy during high humidity. The area is generally in the shade so cold rocks and humidity can take you down. You also have to come in with some momentum. You have to take a somewhat hard left and drop down into it...and keep your speed. The ditch on the right is a long way down. Leaves. Yes, like elsewhere on any trail they are slick. Storms....Yep, this ditch is a waterflow for storm sewers in a neighborhood up above. Heavy rains can sweep this section out overnight. When you make that left turn into this section after a storm you may never know what you are about to drop into. My perfect example was about 6-years ago when I took the turn in after a storm to find that the trail dropped 4-feet due to washout. I pitched my bike and landed on the washout section. I landed on my feet but one foot slipped out on the slippery rocks causing me to land on my knee. When I stood up I noticed in somewhat of a shock like state that my knee cap was on the outside of my knee. Apparently this is not too normal so I clapped it into place with my hands. I knew I was in trouble since this had to be a real injury and I needed to ride out. Well, my bike was quite a ways down the ditch. After fishing it out I walked to a shortcut wayout and went home. Walked the entire three miles since my knee would barely bend. Two-months of self-paced rehab and I was back. I guess the moral of the story is to remember that the trail may not always be there for whatever reason. If you ever ride the Holzinger Trail in Winona stop and take a look at this engineering marvel of a trail section. It is a masterpiece. -Ian Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

oh ya, which photo anonymous was the bad one. Me drunk or Cher? That is a tough choice but my God, Cher? What is up with the costume. -Ian

Jordan Peterson said...

The picture with you drunk for sure Ian!