Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another crazy photo by Liz Crozier of the 2005 Chequamegon finish. Damn, I am already out of place in it. Can you find me? Blasted green standout skinsuit. Speaking of which our team is finishing off the green motif with green shoe covers next year. I am just going to wear them all the time. We lose the green sock sin favor of black......with some green. I am back on the bike this week just tooling around for a few days before going into some strength intervals and the weightroom starting Monday. Wow, the beginning of the next season and some are still in the last. Iceman is this next weekend and I would love to do it. I have to be realistic though and take a break. Dougo is looking good for it and I think that the big guns coming in from afar need to beware of the Midwest juggernaut of quality riders that we have. Well, that is it. Not much new to report on. I registered for classes in Browntown (Denver + smog). I will head out to enjoy the Rocky Mountain High in January. I am concerned by the smog though. My recent trip into Denver revealed two layers in the smog cloud. The lowest being a brown color which is mainly dust because of the backdraft from the plains. However, there was a blue hue above it. That is the one to be concerned with. That has the funny lung killing stuff in it. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa

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