Thursday, November 10, 2005

How to have a tree fall on you and why Yoga helps

In my last post I mentioned that I had a tree fall on me. Well, I kid you not. Here is the story. It was a dark and stormy night.......I was riding a week ago on the local Holzinger Trail system. I had just got to the top and done a loop when I heard a chainsaw. It sounded pretty far into the woods so I figured someone was clearing the trail. I went to investigate. I came upon a huge tree downed on the trail but no chainsaw dude. I noticed the tree had been cut down instead of just falling in a storm. I got off the bike and started climbing through the branches when all of a sudden the chainsaw started. I looked up to see the wizard in camoflauge start his cut on another tree. I started yelling to him but he did not hear me. I then sized up the tree he was cutting and realized that this thing was coming down on me. Using my stealth yoga poses I dropped below the branches of the tree I was climbing through, dragged my bike over me and waited. Luckily, it was only the branches that hit me. I sprung out of the branches and had a few words for this dickola. His actions are why I brought in the law. "I am the Lorax! I speak for the trees!" I tried to get out of the way but sometimes plans fail and you need to dive.
Yoga. While there are dozens upon dozens of forms I have found that Vinyasa is the best for cycling. First off, find a class for your first year. It keeps the motivation and it keeps you going. If you do it at home you may find yourself laying on the couch after 1/2 hour. Vinyasa flow is a slower moving form that concentrates more on breathing and getting into poses properly. It brings a great sense of relaxation. Something every cyclist needs this time of the year. I will assure you that you will be sore after the first couple of times but try to go at least twice a week.
Dougs story about rouge squirrels is pretty damn funny. They know what they are doing, oh they know. My dad noticed a couple of those little dinky ass squirrels making rounds through his backyard and onto his garage roof. He went to check it out but saw nothing negative going on. Finally, one day he heard a huge crash in his gargage. He went out there to find part of the rafters down on the ground and literally millions of nuts. These squirrels were "squirreling" away walnuts in an old plastic sled and an old 4x4 box. They had finally filled everything up over God know how many years. The weight of their stashed treasure was too much for the rafters and their life savings dropped to the floor. Kinda like some of those Enron folks. My dad figured that there had to be at least a few hundred pounds of nuts. Some had decayed so much that they were mush. Squirrels. Resourceful little punks.
I will have some photos of the trees cut in a few days. Law? Hell ya. I should have called in the Army. Ciao -Ian

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