Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I got to thinking about the 24 Hours of Afton today. Maybe because it is a ski resort and well.......the weather makes me think of ski resorts. Anyway, it is a fun race. This past year Dan Swanson, Andy Minier, Jesse Rients, and myself got to talking about why we do this. At 3 in the morning it is pretty easy to bring up that topic. Perhaps it was because time was moving faster than last year, perhaps because lap times were fast, perhaps we were just retarded because it was 3 in the morning and we were bringing up a topic that is brought up at countless races. I have been told by several people that we should take our team to the 24 Hour National Championships. Sounds like a good idea.......now.......but what about at 3 in the morning then? I am sure we would be there with the leaders. No doubt about that. It comes to scheduling and $$$. This picture is from the 24 Hours of Afton this past summer. Apparently I had crashed at this point which is good to note because this was my first lap and I had already kissed the dirt and a couple of trees more than once. It was a wee bit slippery and a tire/wheel change was instore after this disasterous lap. Well, enjoy the weather, the cross bikes, the weights, and ice cream. I made some killer pumpkin bars yesterday. Cyclists may not eat a lot but we can bake like mother f%$kers! Go figure. From the Merry old Land of Oz -Ian Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Ian, Maybe you don't eat a lot but I sure do... why don't you send me some of those pumpkin bars... mmm... On the topic of pumpkins, did you know the pumpkin latte's for 90 cents at the gas station taste EXACTLY the same as the $4.00 ones you get at starbucks. It's true.

Ian Stanford said...

Oh, I eat a lot. Maybe not a lot of crap but I am always checking the frig to see if something new has appeared.
Pumpkin Lattes? Maybe good but I suppose. I am just a straight up coffee guy. The issue with price between Starbucks and the gas station comes down to Starbucks being a corporate monster in the coffee industy. They see the stream of Lexuses pulling up outside so they know they can gouge you. Kinda like the Whole Foods philosophy. "We charge more because you will pay it." It is what the market will bear. -Ian