Friday, November 04, 2005

I stole this comic from someone else's website. I remember when this one came out though. It was in February I think. See the guy in the red shirt? Ya, that is me. Lantern Rouge. Well, with the way I have been feeing lately that would be me. I am glad, and at the same time bummed, that I did not go to the Iceman. I think I would have stood a good chance up there for a good result. I have a head cold anyway right now so maybe not. Wow, Monday is the weightroom life again. I am pretty excited to do something else and at the same time begin pushing my goals for next year. Yoga is back in my life. I have to carry that through the season next year. Boulder is in like 70 days. Amazing. How am I going to afford that town for 4-months? Damn these Powerball numbers lately. Anyway, I hope the Midwest boys can stick it to the National NORBA Pros this weekend. I am sure they will. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa


Eric O. said...

How do you set up your weight training regiment.I go out of the "Weight training for cyclists" book.It pretty much follows periodization and breaks up the months in different phases.Like now I will start the hypertrophy phase doing 8-12 reps of 60-75%. Any pointers?

Ian Stanford said...

Send me your email and I will give you the scoop.