Sunday, November 20, 2005

snap crackle pop

It is amazing what a little stress in your life can do to the body. You can get sick, depressed, lost, and man does your body tightened up. I went to Yoga tonight and my body sounded like a campfire crackling thoughout the night. Balance? what is that? I could barely stand on two feet yet alone one. Yes, my life has been in a state of turmoil over the past couple of days. It will probably carry on for a little longer as well. Maybe because of training again, work, life plans and ideas, and friendships. Right now I just need to focus my mind in one area for a bit and get back with the program. I really wish I was racing again already.
I bummed my Dad's 2005 Giro DVD. See, he doesn't even have a DVD player so until he gets one I am watching the Giro. Ah, Italy. How can you not love that country? It is too beautiful. Beautiful? Hmmm. Yep, she is. He has the Tour DVD too so when the Giro wears out I am off to France on my Fluid Trainer. With all my time on the trainer I should be looking to Cyclops or Kinetic for a sponsorship.
Tomorrow is weights, painting, and some crazy ass baking. Scones and pumpkin bars. Actually, the scones are tonight. One more big week on the bike before the weights increase. after that the bike is very minimal until late December.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Just eat it and forget about the guilt behind it. You have plenty of time to lose that. Ciao -Ian


Jordan Peterson said...

Have a great Thanksgiving Ian!!!

CXKing said...

Ian-now you guys can go to 24hr nats:

No more excuses. If you guys need another guy I will make the trip from Ohio.