Friday, December 09, 2005

Ah, a new summer get-a-way in the making. My step-father is building a lake home in Chetek, Wisconsin. Which lake you ask? well, if I could spell it I would attempt to type it. A lot of work to do on this place. Each log needs to be sealed and chinked. I finished caulking in all the logs on the side you are looking at in about a day. It is the small side. Looks like my team is going to have some killer digs to base a weekend out of this next summer. 6-bedrooms with two being bunk rooms, a steam room, and a bar area, which is highly popular with the cyclists. Should be nice. It is my step-dad's present to himself for all the years of getting up a 5am and going to sleep at 1am. He was, and still is, a work-alcoholic. He enjoys it still and it has paid him dividends. Anyway, I couldn't finish the entire ride on the fluid trainer tonight. A little tweak in the achilles and if you kmow me, the achilles is not one of my more favorite body parts. So, I have to chil that sucker out. It is 4:27 and I am going to eat dinner early tonight. New Velo News was pure boredom. Renew my subscription? Not this time. Of course, what is there to write about that we have not seen on the internet already. Talk soon. -Ian Posted by Picasa

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Ben said...

Would that be pokegama lake or ojaski?