Wednesday, December 28, 2005

All this guy wants for Christmas are his four missing wheels. Well, if you want to stop them take their wheels. Christmas has come and gone but some of my friends are still in town. This is evident by the 23 oz of Guinness in my stomach right now. New Year's is next but I never do anything on that stupid night. Please, it is another day, another week, another month, and another year. I have seen them in the past so the present and future ones don't excite me. It is just another night to go get plastered. Are there not enough nights already designated for that over 365 days? I will probably sit home and watch Cirque du Soleil on Bravo, work on some bikes, pack, go to town to pick up drunk friends, and then go to sleep. Who knows, maybe the New Year will first be recognized by me when I wake up the next morning. Colorado in three weeks. Whew, I have to get out of this town for awhile. Happy New Year's to you all! 2006 is fast approaching. I can't wait for the new Penny. -Ian Posted by Picasa

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