Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Eagle has Landed

Crap, I lost the photo. Yesterday Freedom reigned on my vehicle. I was going to work and I saw this huge Bald Eagle circling up above. I stood outside and watched it for awhile. So majestic, so awe inspiring. Our National symbol of freedom and power. I went inside to start up my work when I looked outside to see if it was snowing. I looked at my van and there was this hockey-puck sized bird crap on my windshield. Holy crap! The Eagle has Landed. Not the actual bird but some of his wasteful byproducts. You know, mouse, rabbit, shrew, pigeon and whatever else he could pick up off the ground. After is was reconciled by his "Endangered species" protected little stomach he dropped his air-to-surface missle right onto my windshield. After I had just looked up on him in praise he craps on me. Go figure. I guess freedom comes at a price. -Ian

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