Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sorry I haven't updated for awhile. I was too busy burning off the Thanksgiving turkey gut. I was also busy building the new steed of a Madone SL 5.9. Damn this things is light. Big thanks to Maury at Trek and Penn Cycle for helping me out. Adventure Cycle and Ski in Winona for letting me use their shop to build it. Anyway, I have loaded it up with all my old components for the Spring slop riding. After that I will put the new stuff on. Yoga was a mess today and I actually started to get angry. My Warrior pose was some serious business. If the instructor would have stepped in front of me I would have dropped her. I guess I just have a lot on my mind. I have decided that this will be my last year of serious bicycle competition. Basically it is based on reality. I am going to contend for the NORBA National Marathon wins and a possible Overall Title, and hit NRC races in between. No offense to my present team but had I found something a bit bigger and more progressive I would stay in the sport longer. I am excited to ride with my team this year because there is a heep of talent. If we could just get a bit more funding. All in all though I will always ride a bike and ride it far and long. I just won't always have a number pinned to my back. Well, next up in the bike world will be a new Fuel 110. Colorado is coming fast and I feel I am leaving Minnesota with too many loose ends. I definitely have to get back here in May to tie those up. I need to find an apartment too. I live at my sister's gigantic house so nobody even knows I am here half of the time. Well, in June she is expecting a baby and I will know that a baby is here. I can't have that. I can't sleep the way it is. I tore a pair of shorts on the fluid trainer tonight. They just ripped. There is no pavement in my room, no tree trunks to brush up against, no handlebars from the rider next to me to snag them. They just went. Maybe this Thanksgiving weight loss isn't going as well as I thought. We'll see. Congrats to Brian Jensen for getting on with the Jelly Bellys. He is a great guy and a great rider. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa

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Matt Henry said...

You're not alone with that! Matt Gates was done after this past July, and I will be done after next year. I have reached as far as I want to take this with a fulltime job and all that shit, but will be going out with a BANG next year for sure!! I, as well, will always be fit, just not racing. I am looking forward to it... Good move, Ian, good move!!!