Wednesday, December 07, 2005

To the A-holes cutting down trees all over the Holzinger Trail I say, "Go Die!" How bad is it. well one guy claimed he is cutting trees to better his view. The other guy has cut over 70 trees and plans on many more. As a small group of cyclists down in the Winona area we are looking into our options. I thought the flaming bag of poo on the door step would be a start or cutting down the trees in their front lawn to better the view for them up there too. Maybe paint a huge Dr. Sueus "I am the Lorax" on the side of their house. Anyway, we are looking into serious options as well. Until then we will continue moving 78 year old live Oak trees from the trail. Sad, really sad. -Ian  Posted by Picasa


CarlV said...

What the heck? Isn't Holzinger public land? Why can't those asshats understand that when you cut down a tree, it's basically gone forever (at least for your lifetime)!

Jordan Peterson said...

You know what you should do! Is it still bow hunting season down there? If it is say you mistaked some person from a deer. Good idea eh?