Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ya, this Christmas shopping thing is getting crazy. Everyone is on their last minute Christmas shopping rampage. You know who you are. I am down to a few items. I think the worst part of Christmas is wrapping these damn things. Paper bags work great. Obviously, as I have mentioned before, Shimano instruction sheets work great too. I am about to embark into the Yule Tide season for one last stab at shopping. I love this park job though in the picture. I seriously saw this same thing happen in Golden, Colorado a couple of years ago. An elderly man was backing up his car from a space along the shopping strip. Once out of the spot he should have braked and then put the car into drive. Well, he skipped a step and just hit the gas. He went straight back, just missed me, went over the landscaping, and plowed into about 3 cars parked in the lot. Wow. Take my license when I get that way. My town drives like shit so when Christmas comes we get really shitty. And speaking of driving, here are a few tips to help you get through the Holiday Season while driving. 1. Use your blinker. This item is not an option on your car. Use it. 2. Seatbelt- Put it on. I am not worried about your driving it is the freak next to you. 3. We all talk on our cell phones while we drive but this is the time of the year that you need to be heads up. Put it away and watch out for the guy dialing his phone with one hand, smoking a cigarette another, shifting his manual with another, and trying to steer with whatever he has left. You will need both hands to dodge this A-hole. 4. Shop after 8pm. The crowds are down. 5. After backing up in reverse, apply brake and shift into drive. Happy Holiday's- Ian Posted by Picasa

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