Sunday, January 15, 2006

I made it to Colorado. Man, don't drive through the night. High winds, sleepy truckers, and cold catnaps in the Kearney Nebraska Walmart parking lot suck. Plus, I drove into downtown Sterling Colorado and lived to talk about it. I hit the Amante ride yesterday. 78 miles of more riding then I have done in a long while. This picture is looking North up the Peak to Peak highway between Raymond and Ward. Yes, that is Tyler Hamilton. He is waiting for his friend, Scott. We headed over to Nederland to the coffee caboose. Tyler bought us coffee and muffins. Now, how many pros do that? Damn cool of him. Today was three hours of windfest. If you have been to Boulder you know the winds that can form. Today it was 60 in degrees and miles per hour in wind. In getting 140 miles in on the Madone over the past two days I have a quick review. The Trek Madone 5.9 SL is a stiff bike. Much stiffer then the 5000 series frames. You feel the road a bit more too. It is a snappy bike but it seems to get a little light in the rear-end on the out-of-the-saddle sprint. Hows Boulder? It is nice but I still see why I moved out of here a couple of years ago. I will be back in Minnesota mid-May. That is for sure. I am not knocking Boulder. There were about 80 riders leaving Amante yesterday on various rides. Coming back here to bike is like a lost goose finding his or her gaggle. It is nice to relate to people here and to see everyone you race with from around the country. Back in Winona a cyclist is anyone on a Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, or Harley. If you are on a BMW you get some style points. Anyway, our Comcast internet is all jacked up and I have to go fix it. Take care and be safe you all. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Didn't Tyler get busted for doping? Or was that his twin brother?

Ian Stanford said...

No, it was Tyler but that doesn't mean you have to stop riding your bike. -Ian

Anonymous said...

Hey Ian,
Good to hear you made it okay. Jen's had told me that you rode with Tyler. Sweet Candy. Have fun, and keep the rubber side down.