Sunday, January 29, 2006

It only looks warm. Actually the temps have been really nice. This picture doesn't show the wind or the pile of neighborhood recycleables at the end of the street. I think our trashcans are down there somewhere as well. The winds have been outright violent. Yesterday coming across the Diagonal Highway (rightly named) I was literally riding diagonal. I was riding with such a lean into the wind that if it would have stopped I would have been on the ground. I was riding on a portion of the tire that the manufacturer doesn't expect to be used. It was one of those winds that blows the snot out of you. No fun if you are the second man in the echelon. Ya, the "Looks that Kill" by Motley Crue just come on the radio. It must be a great day to go for a ride. My college just started a cycling team so I will be racing a bit with them. Should be fun racing CU, CSU, and Fort Lewis. Great training if anything. Friday I sliced a tire so bad that it took three- 1 dollar bills to patch her up. She made it about 8 miles even though it rode a little lumpy. A mile from home the dollar bills blew out so I had to hoof it and ride the rim a bit. The Bontrager Hard Cases are the best training tire I have found yet, but the glass left on the roads by the higher echelon of society around here proved to be the tire's match. Our neighbors burned their entire 5th floor of their apartment and that of their neighbors because they tapped their bong out into a tree planter in their apartment that was full of a sawdust material. There was a coal still burning in there and well, they are all 'Up in Smoke." Damn hippies. Oh wait, they were CU students. Damn Trusties. Well, another cup of coffee and another day of battle with the winds begins. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

You used dollar bills to patch a tire. It's an approach I've heard before, but I got a hint from some other rider to carry duct tape. You can paste a few pieces to the underside of your seat (or wrap it around the seatpost to "set" the proper height of your seat). Simply tape the inside of the tire and viola', you're good to go with adhesive to hold off the secondary blow-out.