Monday, January 09, 2006

Tyler started all the appeals work today and now his final fate will be determined. I know there is a lot of doping in cycling. There just is. some if it may be questionable and some it just plain factual. I have ridden with Tyler on several occasions, talked with him during long rides, and I even had dinner with the dude. I know you should never judge a book by its cover but let me tell you. Tyler is one stand up dude. While I have no doubt about a lot of the dopers who say they are clean, I have doubt on whether Tyler's test was all that accurate and if the testing protocols were followed. The guy naturally has a high tolerance for pain. Hell, look at this picture. If he can tolerate the pain he can tolerate the burn. The guy, as nice as he seems on the outside, it pure rage inside. He is a detroyer of legs. I tried to follow him up Carter Lake one February day just to be shelled off by the first switchback. It was like when Lance dropped me in about 100 feet on the backside of Lee Hill. Before I got to the switchback Lance was already cresting the top. These guys are gifted athletes no matter if they dope or not. They are going to destroy you no matter what. Why? Because that is what they train to do. Tyler is a straight forward nice guy. I honestly would go out on the limb to say that he got screwed in a new testing procedure that did not have a lot of trial and error applied to it. They mishandled his samples, the did not follow protocol, and they would not share their evidence with his defense laywer. To me, no matter how you look at it, that lead to some reasonable doubt. And that is all you need show innocence. That is my two cents worth on that issue. I am trying to leave for Boulder on Thursday but I may be set back a day. So, Friday will still get me to Amante on Saturday for the big ride. Talk soon and comment all you would like. It is a touchy subject none the less. -Ian Posted by Picasa

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