Thursday, January 12, 2006

Well, I am off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Condorado. I have already begun my coffee drip fix to prepare for the hells of Iowa followed by the constant states of purgatory often found in Nebraska. Tom, this isn't Minnesota anymore. Hopefully, I do run into some poppy fields along the way. Dorthy and crew seemed to be enjoying it when they got all F'ed up in the field on the way to see the wizard. Pretty cool snowglobe huh? Next update from the muffin eating coffee capital burrito chowing, trustafarian toking, hippie-want-to-be, Redneck finger flicking, floods of cycling fanatics town of Boulder, Colorado. Home of Silk Soymilk. Ya man, you know me. Talk soon. -Ian  Posted by Picasa

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