Monday, February 13, 2006

Ah, the new big pro team in the United States. United Pro. This is their new rig that is getting ready to role out to Cali for the Tour of California. Not a bad set-up they have here. That trailer probably has a few goodies. I can personally say that I am looking forward to racing against this team. Now how that all works out in the end is a whole other story. Olympic update. US Women kill in the pipe like the US males did. I'll tell you, the women are starting to boost some serious air in the pipes. Today was historical for the women because the degree of riding now has a new bar to reach. We got the gold in the Men's 500m speed skate. Man, check those guys out sprinting of the dead start. You want to talk about wattage. I can't even imagine the power coming out of them on the start. Baboom! Tomorrow is another day of 4.5 hours of climbing. I have to get it done tomorrow since coldness is coming wednesday. We just watched a bit of Chappel season two. "Charlie Murphy! Darkeness." Oh too funny. Well, I have to get going before my team truck takes off without me. Ha. -Ian Posted by Picasa


Doug said...

That bus is PRO!!!! Too bad they have such crummy looking bikes.

Ian Stanford said...

Ya, those bikes do look like crap. I think they spray painted them one night down in someones basement. All you need is some carboard and some Krylon.