Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hey, those clouds should excite you "powder hounds." Those are a sign of pow pow in the mountains. Today was pretty cold in the morning but it was a special day for the cyclists out here. It wasn't windy! Ya, I couldn't believe it either. Absolutely amazing. No Belgium Climbs blowing today. I got done with the ride and went to check out the new Giant Anthems at a local shop. Pretty sweet bike. I have been being pulled by which bike I should ride but I have to go where the best deal is. I am a broke ass dude so money is actually money. Besides, both the Giant and the Trek are pretty damn nice this year. Jesse sent me the supreme chocolate bar. Belgium love in a wrapper. (Dano- Coles Or is the name). I will get a photo up tomorrow or Monday. I suggest you go buy one. In return, I have found what Jesse has been looking for. It is being sent to me today. Ya, a Bread hat. I got one too. I get to go down to Durango in April for a collegiate race. I am the only guy on our team racing the "A" races. Ouch. I have to put a shout out to all you seriously hardcore cyclists riding in the temps as they are in Minnesota and Wisconsin. YOU ARE BAD ASS! Doug, Dan, and the rest of you. Crazy. Crazy I tell ya. Anyway, I have to get off the poached wireless before something attacks all my files. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

If you were training in MN you would be tough as nails too. HaHa