Thursday, March 30, 2006

Boulder is Windy again!

Well, first off, Sorry Nick, I had to use the mural too. It is windy here again. Perhaps it never really stopped being windy. I went out and tooled around the Koppenburg course today. I can't tell how it really is when there is a 40 mph headwind. The dirt is fast and I am running standard road tires for sure. Right now I am being blasted with taxes and term papers. Stress, stress, and more stress. This mural was on the wall outside Absolute Bikes in Salida. Check this place out when you pass through. It is a bicycle museum and then some. Hey, there is a coffee shop next door and you will be in the center of Colorado. You have to stop. While in Phoenix I ran into Sager's new ride. Golf carts? Man they are out. Cushman's are on the wayside in order to make room for the ultimate fairway 4X4. The Humvee Golfcart will take you to your lost ball when no other cart will. Of course, you will need to stop and recharge her before the 3rd hole. Horrible electric mileage.
Remember to brush your teeth. If you forget then you need to get yourself a vintage Crest road bike. This isn't the top-of-the-line tartar contol edition with whitener but it should do the job. Don't forget to floss. That is a whole other bike.

Across the street from our hotel in Fountain Hills was this tropical grove complete with frisbee golf, retirees, dog walking, and of course, a golf cart path. This lake was probably evaporating at a rate of 6000 gallons an hour. No worries, the Colorado River will refill it. This thing blowing up every hour didn't help the evaporation loss. Nick wanted to do a Russian Roulette kind-of-game where each of us takes a one-minute go at sitting on the spout in hopes that the water doesn't fire on you. Enima? Man, the water would come out your mouth along with everything else.
Well, back to taxes. There is a war going on dammit that needs more money. I am digging deep for the write-offs. Did I mention I hate school right now. Ya, Sea Otter sounds much more fun. Ciao- Ian

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