Friday, March 10, 2006

Finally, the IMAX that Tyler was supposed to be in called "Brain Power" is now out as "Wired to Win." It is playing in Denver all month long and now follows Brad McGee and Jimmy Casper through the 2004 Tour. I am heading down there tomorrow since it is my day off. It snowed here again so the Sunday Stazio crit. has been cancelled. Personally, I think the roads would have been fine. Tomorrow night I am going to go see the all-female AC/DC coverband, Hell's Belles. Man, if you have not seen these girls play...well...let's just say it is as close to seeing AC/DC as you can get without actually seeing them. Adrian Connor, the guitar player, is seriously a legend in the making on guitar. Well, Kirby Puckett died. I guess all I can say is I loved to watch that guy play baseball. It is fun to watch someone play a sport that they are in love with. My races last weekend consisted of getting in a three man break and lapping the field in the Cat. 1, 2, 3 crit Saturday morning. When it came time for the sprint some dumb-ass from the Spike team who had been lapped decided to get in the mix. He came over on me while I was in the paceline and took some spokes out of the HED Stinger. I finished third on a messed up wheel. I got in the break in the collegiate "A" race later in the afternoon. I was outnumbered by the big teams and with three laps to go a CSU rider took a flyer. I waited for the 4 CU riders to react but they didn't. Well, if I chased they would have come with and I would rather see the CSU rider win than the CU riders who didn't work for it. Sunday we hit the Airforce Academy. As soon as I got there I had a flashback of the military life. I heard Revally and almost snapped to attention. The course was the old World Championship course that Eros won on. Nice roads (thanks to us taxpayers) and beautiful scenery. I got in the break of 10 with 4 more CU riders. They relay attacked us until one got off. Nobody in our group would chase except for a CSU rider and a Colorado College rider. The DU guy got in there too but they all started thinking of 2nd place. So, that is what we got stuck racing for. Two climbs to go I attacked and got caught on top (yep, it is early March alright) and got dropped from the chase group. I chased back on at the base of the final climb to the finish, big ringed it up out of the saddle and almost got that second place. Stockburger edged me out and I took third. Beautiful race through. These collegiate "A" races are funny because all the riders seem to ride Pro or Elite Am. We had riders from Toyota-United Pro, TIAA-Cref, Broadmark, Fiorda Fruita, Nature Valley, and even a Hollywood Cycles guy, Mr. Lewis. Good racing though. Well, time for some homework. I am done with the Fluid trainer torture treatment for the day. I'll let you all know how the IMAX was. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa

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