Friday, March 03, 2006

Gentleman, start your engines. Whoa, the race season is upon me. Not to sure if that is a good thing just yet. I am in Colorado Springs for a few races this weekend. I have a morning USCF 1-2-3 crit. with an afternoon collegiate a crit. Sunday we head up to the Airforce Academy where we will do a road race on the old World Cup course. Who won the World Cup race there back in the day? Eros Poli of course. Anyway, the Airforce likes churches and you better like them too if you want to be an airman. Do they really park F-16's in front of the church? Isn't that a bit strange. A weapon of destruction parked in front of what is SUPPOSED to be a center of peace. Well, leave it to our military to blur the two. Personally, when I was in the Army they just left it alone. Anyhow, those fireworks in the back are actually new pretty bombs that they are designing for downtown Bagdad. If we are going to blow stuff up let give them a show too. So, grab a pack of beadies and be prepared to be rocked. Man, I don't care who you are, stuff is funked up over there. Oh, o.k, no more poltics. Tomorrow should be fun. Everyone will be rusty and riding sketchy. I am battling a fit issue again. Gee, what is new about that? Every Year a new thing. This one is small though, I think, so I will get it figured out. Holy crap, the house I am staying in has one of those talking clocks. Apparently it is twenty-two hours now so I need to go to bed. I am sure the clock will let me know when it is twenty-three hours. I can't wait to get woken up by that, on the hour, every hour. At least it has a sexy female voice. I ate pizza tonight too so the crit should be interesting. Take care and keep on truck'in. (Crap, was that the dead?) not me man, not me. -Ian Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Yeah, cut the politics. I thought this was a cycling blog?? Good luck in the races!

CarlV said...

Good luck.