Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Man, I had this great update all typed out a couple of days ago while the snow was on the ground here. I had a picture of a Tauntaun all lined up from Empire Strikes Back and all. Those things can get through the snow. Well, coffee shop living leads to shady forms of wireless internet and things magically disappear when you send them in such ways. This photo (by skinnyski.com) is from the Tour of 10,000 Lakes in Minnesota last year. OUr team won with Doug taking the G.C. well, word came out today that the race is no more. Man, this is a huge bummer. I really hope it can get pulled back together. It is a race the has the potential of growing into something much larger. Minnesota is the home of the Nature Valley Grand Prix which is wonderful to have in my backyard. But, I am afraid that this race is sucking the momentum out of all the other in the Twin Cities area. Speaking of Minnesota, I get to fly into the Land of Grey Thursday to pick-up the new 06 Top Fuel 110. I need to get this red rocket dialed in before the Phoenix Marathon. Speaking of which, if you are a top pro mountain biker and have not signed up for this Marathon....well then.....you are not like your comrades. Man, everyone is going to be there. They changed the course a bit so the selection process is going to be a constant struggle. The old course let things stretch out. Not too worried. I am just going to make the best of it. They took out 11 miles which I would prefer to remain. 70 miles in the sand, rocks, and wind is still good but 81 miles is what makes it even that much better. Back to Tour de 10K. Pray people, pray. And the IMAX was o.k. A lot of staged footage of McGee and Casper. The footage of Tyler and Lance was the best and it was original. In all honesty, whether you like Tyler or not, the movie would still have been better with a focus around him. All in all though it was good, and people new to the sport seemed to enjoy it. On that note, watch out for the extremely green shorts of our team this year. If I get hit from behind by a car that driver has no chance in court. Ciao -Ian Posted by Picasa

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