Friday, March 24, 2006

NORBA Marathon # 1

Well, I had to settle for 5th. It was so hot and I simply didn't drink enough. I drank a lot but I needed more. It was 85 degrees and the sun was right down on us. Kris Seddon was the winner, 2nd? third went to T-Brown, fourth was Jungle Jay Henry, and then me. The New Trek Top Fuel 110 was sweet and made the ride enjoyable when the heat would not. Nick, Ross, Jen, T-Brown, and I are in severe hydration mode........and then heading to In n Out. Hell Ya. I can't wait. Jen Smith won the women's marathon which is huge. Kyia was down here from the Midwest and used her enormous power to finish 2nd. I would put up some photos but brilliant here forgot the damn download cable. Check out Nick Martin's site at to see some narly photos of cactus run-ins, torn skin, and severe sunburn. I'll give a good update when I get back to Boulder. Ciao -Ian

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Anonymous said...

As soon as I stepped off of the plane on Tues. I headed stright to In N Out for a burger, shake and fries. It is the holy grail of burger joints.