Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh ya, now I can rip out the photo. Snow, snow, snow. Boulder is loaded with snow and cold. Tristan, are you out here? Anyway, we leave for Phoenix tomorrow so hopefully we can escape this mess. Fluid trainer is looking rough today but I have to get on it anyway. Good day to pack and chill. I just got back from Minnesota yesterday. The weather was pretty nice there and I got some good rides on the road with the new mountain bike. The Trek Fuel feel like the old one and the XTR disc brakes are silky smooth. I ditched the SID for a Reba which is worth the weight gain. The SID is a good fork but requires more love than I can give it. Anyway, I got to the airport 6-hours early yesterday because I had to take a shuttle from Winona. Hanging out in the airport is like going to the Epcott Center in Disney World. So many cultures, types of people, images, and attitiudes crusing the halls for me to analysis while sucking down Caribou Coffee. Man, Denver International has no coffee. They do but it sucks. Caribou is a blessing to see. Dunn Bros. needs to open up in there too. O.k, back to my people. I find myself watching what people eat, who is eating it, and maybe why they shouldn't be eating it. Yep, I am being critical of others. Of course, if I didn't ride a bike I would be as fat as the moon. So, I have to remember to keep it all in persepctive. They are who they are, and I am who I am. While I am judging them they are judging me back. A granola bar in your hand is a hippie label for sure. Now, if I could just find a Dancing Bears tie-dyed Grateful Dead shirt you would know what I am all about. Or maybe I should just go about my own business. That sound better. Well, I have to get packed for the 18+ hour drive to the land of In n' Out Burgers and 20 foot long retirement funded Cadillacs. It is going to be a long drive but we have Nick's fly Toureg and a trailer to haul everything in to boot. Take care and stay away from the tie dyes -Ian  Posted by Picasa


MARC said...


I'll be down at Nova..Are you doing just the Marathon? I think I might just do the stage race..I'm not as hardcore as you.


Ian Stanford said...

I am racing everything. Of course the Marathon but I will do the stage race for the training. My intensity just isn't quite there yet. Soon though. -Ian