Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Phoenix Fun and Burrito Overkill

I could tell you a lot about strange events on the road and maybe this picture strikes one of those events right on the head. Ross showing us that he is ready for the Caribbean. Damn, this was funny to watch him pull this off. You had to be there. Cardio work with a snorkel appears to be a chore. I was fortunate to drive down to the NORBA Marathon and Nova Desert Classic with the Trek Rocky Mountain Regional Team. With Nick Martin in command of the Volkswagen Toureg and a trailer full of fun we trudged for a whopping 1150 miles from Boulder to Fountain Hills, Arizona, and then back again. Of course the view around Salida is one that puts you in your place very quickly. We really live in a beautiful world that we unfortunately take for granted way too often. Stop and enjoy the view from time to time.
We made it to Phoenix and checked into the Holiday Inn. 80 degrees plus and a sun that baked us pretty good was the first shock to our systems. The Marathon was run on a more technical course than last year and the heat was also a factor by the later start. They cut-out one lap due to the pressure cooker atmosphere. The climb on the second lap hit me good and my water levels started to fall quickly. By lap four the cramps started up in my right leg. Cramps are rare for me so dealing with them has to be taken through mental manipulations. The Endurolytes could not keep up. I ended up 5th overall in the largest Marathon field yet. Kyia, a fellow Minnesotan, took second in the women's field.
Thank God for shade. See, there is no shade in the desert so you need to bring your own. This was the hideout for the entire weekend. I finished 10th in the time trial after misjudging my recovery. 6th in the Super D was a surprise but the course was more of a time trial than anything. It was fun though and maybe that was key to my result. After a hard night of eating burritos the size of T-Brown's head (the second shock to our systems) the cross-country went to hell for me. My stomach was still dealing with the Senor Taco two-pound burrito.......and still is I think. Nick Martin proved he can eat a burrito faster than any man alive. One minute there is a huge Mexican delight and the next second it is out-of-sight.
Look at them, all those beautiful maids lined up in a row. Which one do you want? These are the bikes for sure, and in red. Beautiful! The Trek Top Fuel 110 is the ultimate ride especially with the Reba Team and dual lock-out, and disk brakes. I love my set-up this year and I am hoping for a great year on it.
Next up is either some good old Boulder racing or a long trip to Salt Lake for a collegiate race. I am on the road every weekend for the next eight weeks. I need a motorhome and to get done with this school crap. I want to ride my bicycles. Boy, does this update indicate that I am tired right now? sorry! -Ian

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Good job in the Racin' Ian!