Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Meet Life, the Bear

April may just be the busiest month of the year. Well, at least for me. Everything has come crashing down at once and now I find myself digging out trying to get my head above the crap for a breath of air to keep me going. First off are the below, Taxes. Man, as Stephen Cobert noted, "this is the time of year that we try to figure out just how much I can avoid paying taxes." He notes that we should pay as little as possible in order to put the Government on a sort of "diet." Top that off with my recent pick for a 2004 paper audit and taxes take over as my "new pain in the ass." The paper audit isn't bad, THEY just want to sit down and go through everything. Problem: My "everything" is in storage back in Minnesota. So, I have to get an extension on my review.
Man, they always send these at the wrong time. Jury Duty. Well, I went and guess what? It ended up being a Procedural Criminal case. What does that mean for me? Well, I got pulled for voire dire and it was brought out that I am a Senior in a Criminal Justice Program. No good for a case like this. The lawyers got rid of me. I know too much law for their case. Still, that took 4+ hours and I could have been riding.
Of course I got out and rode. Good day for some mountain bking in some beautiful country. Dig the collegiate jersey? It actually fits pretty nice. This ride was just a good cruise on the mountain bike with a period of lovely intervals to wake-up the courtroom legs. But today I am back at another "bear" in life, school. Finals are coming and the papers are coming due. So far I have my source material for the papers and that is about it. I have a good head full of information too but I am way too tired to spill it out onto paper in any understandable or gradeable format.
All good educational processes have that one book that just looks evil. Well, this one looks evil, spells evil, and smells evil. Plus, it weighs a ton. You will be able to tell that fact by my large "carrying a Constitutional Interpretation book" biceps this season. Carrying this book is weight training in progress. I do not suggest purchasing this book for any reason. Save yourself instead!

So, I need a Bear Gun to shoot these problems out of my way so that I can concentrate on the bike and my personal well-being. Life is insane right now and I feel like a waterskier in big waves just hanging onto the rope for dear life. Hopefully these waves subside, and the bear goes into hibernation or gets hit by a semi truck.
Big congrats to Frank and Claudia Overton on the arrival of their new, and second, child. Frank is my coach and his plate is full too. This weekend is the Boulder Roubaix followed by a 7-hour day in the mountains. Maybe the bear will grow tired trying to keep up with me or maybe he will attack. Ciao -Ian

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