Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Run and hide!

Attention all my Dave Matthews fans! Here are the goods for Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. 4-grass (ha ha, grass. ironic) seats for Dave Matthews. I know, I know. Some of you would like em and some of you would burn em. They key is that I got em and some people really want em. Got to be quick on the gun. Plus, I just need some concert action this summer.
Actually, it is more like "bike and hide." After dealing with the wind all weekend I decided to hide in the valleys and canyons around Boulder. That leaves you with some excellent gravel road option that climb steep into the mountains. Bow Road is one great road.
This past weekend was the Boulder/Larimer Road Race. I got all "rookie" right from the start and exposed myself in the wind way too long. That led to an immediate blow-up. I had a bad start and was trying to move up on the outside except for asI would move up I would run into some dude blocking the line up to the front. Anyway, a lot of people do not know how to ride in the wind. Saturday's race was the exception. With 25-35 mph crosswinds, no one knows how to ride in the wind. So, I got stuck in the 2nd chase group but we luckily picked up Dirk Friel. After that the mission was to catch the next chase group. Dirk, myself, and some Met-Rx guy powered it for our chase group of 12 for the next 60 miles. 2-miles to go we caught the first chase group. Had I went with Dirk's attack I would have been looking at a top 10. Oh well, I stayed in when over half of the field dropped out. Too many spoiled pro's messing up their Euro-like hairdoos in the wind. Of course you can't race when the fro is getting spoiled.
Sunday was a mountain bike ride that went from great to kissing rocks. I was just way too tired from a hard race and writing countless term papers for school. I f'ed up a rocky section, sent over the bars, slid down a hill, impacted some rocks, and had my bike bounce down to rest on my face. I don't normally wear a Camelback but that day I did. It saved my back from certain doom. A couple of strip of bacon on the left leg and left shoulder, torqued front wheel, twisted ankle, and that is about it. After that I rode great. Go figure. Horrible wake-up call. Man, Tool is playing out here the night I am suppose to be in Bentonville, AR. I think I will catch them in Kansas City the night before Joe Martin. They are playing small shows which is a great way to see them. Bentonville/Fayetteville has now turned into me doing a bike presentation to over 600 kids in two different presentations. I am doing this for General Mills/ Nature Valley Granola Bars. It should be pretty fun. Now I have to get back to the land of Powerpoints and find things to give these kids. Trek is on it with some goodies for them and of course, they get some granola bars. Back to Tool. Hell ya, May 2nd is the album release. One of the only actual CD's I will go out an purchase. Check em out at
Find yourself in Boulder and riding up in the Linden area? Well, here is your view back to the East in Boulder. Somewhere back in that smoggy hazy crap is the megatropolis of Denver. Home of Mr. Guy Smiley, John Elway.
Good riding to you all. Remember that the Rednecks still have open season on us so stay low and watch your ass. -Ian

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