Saturday, April 29, 2006

Stuck in Laramie

Right now I am in Laramie Wyoming. Internet cafe? Just found one after two days of frantic searching. I am here for the Collegiate Conference Championships. Well, I am not the champ. I was 7th. I got countered on an attack on a climb and got stuck chasing. Stuck chasing a CU, CSU, and Colorado College rider with a chase group consisting of 4-CU riders, 3-CSU riders, and one CU of CO.Springs rider. Do you see where this going? Yep, nowhere. Throw in the 20 mph crosswinds all day, snow, and cold and nothing was getting done. I would tempo the climbs only to get brought back.
This picture is from last weekend camping up in Monument National Park. Beautiful eh? That is because there are no gas wells up here........yet. You know it well. Camping out on 18 Road in Fruita. I got in the 7-minute gap breakaway, attacked in the swtichbacks, got caught, and turned stupid
We are small

Shout out to Rocky Mounts for the rack hook-up. You guys rule. Battery is dead. Ciao -Ian


craig said...

GW will change the views out west as soon as he can!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's all GW's fault. He is responsible for every liberal, whining cause for the past 20 years. Geez, get off it.

Ian Stanford said...

No, his dad played a role too. Have you ever been to the canyonlands area? Have you seen the before and after effect? Have you been to Desolation Canyon? Have you seen what has been done? No, you get off it. Our beautiful lands are being raped and taken from us. Check on the new plan proposed for the Fruita mountain bike land. Yep, gas wells next to our trails. Yep, you get off it my man. -Ian