Friday, May 19, 2006

and I thought it was real...

Man, I just got done reading this astounding novel and thought my views of Christianity were forever changed. Being a "confirmed" Catholic (not sure what they entitles me to) and had been brainwashed to the "facts" of the bible, and everything that happened around it and due to its writing. As I read through this factual/fictional book, Da Vinci Code, I was constantly saying to myself, "That makes sense, no kidding? wow, you think? I suppose, no way, sure, I can go with that." Well, it is all fake. Hey, I knew that going into too. It is just fun to strike the imagination everyonce in a while. Dan Brown could be right in some regards you know. Of course, the word is out that it is fake because all these readers are starting to believe it. In fact, a whole new religion is beginning to take form out of this book. I am serious. Well, now it is time to read "Angels and Demons."
I am finally back in Minnesota and sitting in a coffee shop taking it a bit easy this week. My search for an apartment for myself has been fruitless so I should start looking for either a nice park bench or a girlfriend soon. Living out of the van has been unproductive. Maybe I could go park my van down by the river and see how that goes. It could be motivational.
Today I am praying (as a confirmed Catholic should) that I find an apartment. Plus, I need to finish building up this HED VO4 TT frame. It looks fast. I hope I can live up to that image. I sure don't feel like it right now.
Ullrich pulled his donut filled ass around the ITT course pretty fast yesterday. It only goes to show that he has some ungodly amazing power output. His numbers probably consist of 4-digits on the powermeter. I don't think he has a prayer at the Tour but he is still fun to watch especially when he is all "X'ed" out. Ciao -Ian

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