Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fontana and "Dust Baths"

Follow the New Belgium Brick Road. Last week's tour of the New Belgium Brewery was like taking a trip to heaven to take a glimpse of what to expect. The smells, the sounds, and of course the tastes make this stop well worth it. 1554 baby, 1554. Wait until you try their new German styled unfliltered organic wheat beer. Um good. Fontana NORBA was this past weekend and I jumped out of town to catch my plane a 6am out of Denver. Lets see, that means I got on the RTD out of Boulder at.......3:36 am. Damn man! I got to the Ontario International Airport in order to avoid the LAX juggernaut-from-hell. I grabbed a shuttle to the Redroof after confirming that the TSA had indeed opened my bike case and failed to properly put everything back together. I got to the hotel and went to sleep. T.J Woodruff, Paul Hansen, and Chloe Forsman showed up around 1pm. Somehow I found the ambition to assemble my bike, and we crusied to the course. My sensations on the practice laps confirmed my fears. I was getting sick or was having allergies. A fun course with this silt-like material covering rutted downhills. If you didn't crash at this race you were at the wrong course venue. I raced the Marathon but relaized that I was indeed suffering from some sort of cold like symptoms. I could not breathe for the life of me. I lost the group, burped a tire, went flat, and just had to maintain myself under the circumstances. Up to this point I had had a really good training block and everything was coming together right as it should. But, Mother Nature had other plans for me and I had to play the cards I was dealt. I settled for eighth overall. By no means am I happy about that but it could have been far worse.
After a good day (or even bad) we must all march ourselves promply to In N Out for some good grub. Well, a burger and shake for sure. Marathons entitle you to a bit more food.
I closer look at this truck will still lead to question marks. California is a strange country.
Yep, CNN isn't lying. These prices do really exist. Well, Chevron did post a proft gain of 49% last quarter. Does this have anything to do with it or is it mere coincidence? After another 6am flight back to Denver I am now working on my final final of my final semester of school. And oh ya, I am definitely sick. Allergy it was not. Zinc and garlic activation process in action.
Either Wyoming has really bulky deer or they just don't built semi-tractors like they used to. I think they can fix this one back up though. Off to Joe Martin this week. Must heal up.
Good ride by the Midwest contingent out on Fontana. Matt Kelly, Tristan Schouten, Jeff Hall, and the others put in some good riding. What did you expect? -Ian

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