Thursday, May 11, 2006

On the Road Again

"The Rocky Mountains don't look so Rocky. That John Denver is full of s%#t!" I took off out of Boulder yesterday for that wonderful drive across Kansas. The entire State at that. This picture is probably one of the only times I didn't see a Kansas State Trooper. Crazy. I had to drive the speed limit the entire time. It is key to note that so was everyone else. When truckers drive slow you should to. The are the Kings of the Road and they know whats up.
When you are bored driving you start to do some stupid ass stuff. First off, inside the new Tool album, there is a strict warning to not use these opticals for any other purpose than to look at the pictures in the album. I agree. They don't work for driving either. Ironically, Tool was only about 8 hours behind me on this same road. Denver last night, Kansas City tonight, and Minneapolis tomorrow night. I am missing them all. Damn!
I was sick all week last week so we will see how Joe Martin goes. They are looking at cutting 1/2 of the field after the uphill time trial. 15% of the winner time or you are out. There is no way to run 213 rider on the crit course Sunday. I agree, but I will be there. Either that or I hit the 4-case New Belgium stash in my van. I love that after-the-cold period because your body becomes a snot farm. Today was messy.
I did the presentations today for General Mills to 500 elementary kids. Yes, I even got the question about how a cyclists goes to the bathroom on a bike in a race. I was hoping not to have to answer that one but kids can be smart. Other question? "No, I don't make any money." I'm broke man, Broke! "I am not sure how many medals or trophies I have." Not enough. "I have yet to find a fun crash." Do they exist? Maybe after hitting the 4-case New Beligium motherlode I will know.
And Boulder. I will miss you but I will be back. Until then........stop growing and drop the damn rent! -Ian

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