Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Have you seen me? Wanted! Dead or Alive Death from Above! "The Birds"
What in the hell was Paul McCartney on when he wrote "Blackbird" anyhow? Chances are it was something knowing the Beatles at about that time. Well, tis the season for our local Red Winged beastly Blackbirds to be protecting their nesting sites. This means the constant "chase and attack" tactics of these local flyers. I fell victim to one of these Kamakazi flight plans today on my ride. Minding my own business and feeling like I was riding like a little old lady I caught the sound of a circling blackbird overhead. Smartly wearing my helmet once again I proceeded along with my ride. Occasionally, you have to spray these "birds of prey" with a surface-to-air water bottle to get them to back off. However, my "eagle wannabe" that I encounted today decidingly went straight for my head. Before I could react I felt her large razor sharp talons thrashing at the protective outer layer of my helmet. I was under attack so I dropped the F-Bomb on her in taking a defensive retaliation posture. It seemed to work as the attacking menace retreated back to her patrol area as I moved out of it.
Just when I thought only Red Necks hated cyclists I now come to the realization that Red Winged birds hate us too.
So, for all you cyclists who wander unknowingly too close to the lair of a Red-Winged She Devil, beware! The wrath of the fearsome Red Winged Blackbird shall be you shortcoming. DEATH FROM ABOVE! -Ian (just look at that picture up above again............scary eh? She'll pick your eyes out you know. She will)

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