Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm back

Well, since moving I have been left with the "waiting game" to get our internet hooked up. This has led to the coffee shop tour to find internet and to learn to drink coffee slow. I lost my digital camera only to find it last night and to lose it again this morning. Yep, moving has been great. I reluctantly decided to help my roommate move his monsterous TV up to our second floor apartment. It all paid off when I strained something behind my right knee. Whatever it is hurts and I have to care for it a lot before the Midwest World Cup Race called the "Nature Valley Grand Prix."
Last weekend was a successful weekend mixed with some failure and some happy beginnings. First off, I won the Minnesota State Time Trial Championships in St. Peter on the 40K course. Chris Edin at Hed Cycles hooked me up with a bad ass HED VO4 TT frameset. After the boys (Brad, Scott, Jim, P.K, and the cardboard kids) at Adventure Cycle in Winona, MN helped me through a rush build of the bike to get it on the road, everything came together for the race. I am not a time trialist like Sedgwick or Casper but I just had one of those days where everything was clicking, my head was right, my position was maintained, and I had Tool's "10,000 Days" in my head. The night before the TT I was riding the disc around our parking lot when I blew the tubular. I called Dougo with cat-like speed for a solution. I guess Stan's can plug a 130lb tubular.
Next was the Capitol crit. In my rookie move/semi-celebration mode from the ITT I didn't cool down. So, Sunday I was left with some stiff legs. Add my sister having her first baby at 5:30 in the morning, and Andy's friends dogs sticking their noses in my face every hour through the night.......well, I was left a bit exhausted. The "green team" showed up in good numbers and even better talent. Danno was the first man to fly away which I was more than happy to defend. "Go Danno!" After that unfortunately got caught Doug took his flyer with Hareland, Hanna, and another GP man. Being that there were two GP boys up there I decided to jump the gap. I took off on the climb, checked to make sure no one came with, and bridged across. Damn that hurt. As I came across the one GP man was falling back. Our break of 4 now had Hareland, Hanna, Doug, and myself. We lapped the field even though I admittedly was suffering. Doug got to the front and blew through the lapped riders. That was it for me. I dropped off the pace and then just stupidly and plainly dropped out. All I had to do was sit in the chase group and take the automatic 4th place. My mind was not in the game and pulled a stupid move. Hey, rookie moves happen to us all. Still, I was happy to help Doug in anyway and would not have left him if I didn't think he had things in good care. The picture above now creates my new nickname for Doug. Ready? "The Green Hornet." Fitting eh? When Doug looks like that it is time for everyone to take a step back. He is settling for nothing less than the top step. In this race, after a sketchy moment with Hareland, Doug won. A good weekend for the Nature Valley crew.
Next up is the Hutchinson Crit and then the NVGP.
I have not updated for so long that I forgot everything I was going to say. Next week I am starting the "Album of the week" review. After unpacking some long lost CD's I decided it is time to talk about them. Ya, DRI, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Samples, SRV, you name it. Talk soon and drink water! -Ian (No, I didn't proofread this!)

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