Friday, June 16, 2006

Is this Kansas?

Boy did it ever blow. It caused me to blow up, blow out, and implode several times. The second stage of the Nature Valley GP took place in Cannon Falls Minnesota. Last year we went through this town after suffering in several gale force winds for 17 miles. This year it was a series of short 7-miles sections that all seemed to have one thing in common. Crosswinds. No matter which way you were heading you had one. It was warm, humid and windy. It sucked. A break of Health Net, Navigators, Jelly Belly, and one Am. rider got up the road. They then put 5+ minutes into us. I was sucking badly out there. I was on a bad day and I wanted so much to get up to the front to help drive our group a bit. It wasn't meant to be. I was in the hurt box and no able to get out. Doug rode strong with Mean Dawg also in our group. Danno made it in right behind us only to get pulled for WADA doping control. Since most people were dehydrated and had lost bottles out on the gravel section it took Danno a couple of hours to get the little cup filled. Just what you want to do after a ass-kicking hard race. Today I am sore and a bit discouraged but excited for the Minneapolis downtown crit. Get through this one and deal with Mankato tomorrow. It has been hot and humid up here which makes for some hard racing. What are you going to do? Our team lost a half of its riders yesterday but it was hard and that it how it played out. It sucks but it turned into a game of survival. I have never seen such wind in a race.
Had a good lunch with an old friend today in Minneapolis. We took a walk around lake Harriet only to see scores of the female pro's out on some leg spinning riders. Anyway, she made me a killer lunch and blessed me for a safe race tonight. I will take it wherever I can. Ciao -Ian


CarlV said...

Hey Ian, Me and any family were at Cannon Falls last night cheering you on. You probably didn't hear us - but nevertheless...

Good luck tonight!

Tim said...

Saw you post on Zirbels site and wanted to let you know he'll be racing at the BBB Raod race in Clear Lake, IA on July 9.


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