Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let the games begin!

First off, I need a new helmet. This one is not working for me on my different fronts. Can you list them? I know I can. "The Great Gazoo" look has got to go.
Well, I am 21st after the Natue Valley Grand Prix. I didn't put in my ideal prologue. I felt good both physically and mentally but the legs wee carrying a little weight which could be left over from last week's crit. I went to had there and most likely have not recovered. I was 38 seconds off the pace. I am happy with my time but would have liked to shave 10-seconds more off of that. My teammate, Doug Swanson, put in a screamer by finishing 14 or so seconds ahead of me which put him into 7th overall. Outstanding result especially when there a four Health Net riders in the top five. You can see where this race is going.
Today is the 58 mile Cannonfalls race. Everyone is expecting a pack finish despite the pending severe storm and the highly likely winds. I think the Navigators are going for the charge. THey have a full squad and have to put something up against Health Net. The stage cut-off will be only about 6 minutes so a flat in the 2-mile gravel section early in the race will end your racing this weekend completely. For that reason I have new tires on and need to stay near Doug in case he flats.
Oh ya, the 80mm front wheel was too much. A 50mm would have been a better choice. (photo by
I offer the "Album of the Month" for the first time. Yes, the Descendents and the power of Milo have pioneered what some would consider "true punk." Hey, this album was recorded at First Avenue in Minneapolis back in 1988 ish. I was lucky enough to come up exactly 10-years to the day to see them play again at First Avenue. Guttermouth opened up for them and well.......what a show. "Sour Grapes!"
Hey, they gave me the sticker at the awards ceremony so I will put it on the bike. Why not. It didn't mean anything yesterday. It is a sticker. Every race is a new race. If you win one, forget it as fast as you can so that you can get onto the next one. Talk soon! Ciao -Ian

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