Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving along

Stillwater was fun. I thought I was actually doing pretty good until Stefano Barberi bonked and gave me the squeeze play into the crowd. I slowed up and got around him only to find I had to chase 3/4 of a lap to catch the main field. I caught them near the base of the Chillkook but could not recover in time for another attack. I finished on the lead lap and I will take that after the fiasco of this past week.
If you were at the Friday night crit. in Minneapolis then you probably recognize this weather map. That sucker was all business. Brandaon Gavic scores the "cool guy" photo award. That is one you put on your wall and show the kids down the road.
Yep, that is me bringing up the rear. Ouch. well, at least everyone else is showing some ouch too.
Big thanks for all the shouts out to me at Stillwater. It really helps and I appreciate it. Big thanks to my Nature Valley teammates: Doug and Dan Swanson, Andy "Mean Dawg" Minier, Andy Kruse, Jake Defresne (dude, I hope I didn't murder your last name there), Matt Henry, and Matt Muyres. Super big shout out and thanks to Aaron "AJ" Johnson for driving the car, getting stuff ready for us, putting up with my crap, and telling us to keep going. Aaron is and was the backbone of the squad this year and well......last year too. Thanks Aaron!
Next up is the Minnesota State Road Race. This week is a rest up week and then I will see where I am going next. Hey, does anyone have a phone number of one of those Toyota- United Pro skinsuit girls? If you were at the NVGP you know what I am talking about. Oh, you know. Ciao -Ian

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