Sunday, June 25, 2006

State RR Champs

I guess when things are clicking they click. Yesterday our Nature Valley/ Penn Cycle Team won the Minnesota State Road Race Championships. The team consisted of Doug and Dan Swanson, Andy Minier, Micah Moran, Andy Kruse, Matt Muyres, Aaron Johnson, and myself. After coming off a horrible Nature Valley Grand Prix myself and dealing with a seriously bad week of recovery I had no idea what would happen.
From the get go we took control of the race. Teams would send riders on solo attacks so we would just let them float out there for a bit. Everything got covered and tempo were controlled. Danno flatted early on but in the end that was good since he eradicated one of our 19mm tubulars for a team set of wheels. Micah got off pretty much solo so we blocked up the front for some chat-riding pace work. He stayed out there for about 20 miles before getting caught at the base of the big climb.
The last lap saw Doug, Minier, and myself left along with the usual suspects in Minnesota racing. One rider that was standing out was "Timmer." He through down this chase attack mid-lap that nearly tore my legs off.......and I was in his draft. As we approached the finish area Doug asked if I could attack. I didn't know but figured if I failed Doug would be there anyhow. Just then a Flanders rider attacked so I chased that down, GP tempo'ed back on and we were back to trying something again. With 1K to go I attacked again but had GP chase me down. Doug then took his flyer for the line and he made it stick. Again, "Timmer" made a punch for it but settled for second. I broke out of the pack but almost got taken out by a swerving Tonka rider. No worries, I chased up to the leaders but Harland knew I was coming and kept up his pace to take third. I came in fourth.
It was a great race both in the "fun factor" and to see our team work like it did. I think we even rode better than the Tour of 10K last year. After many years of racing on different small teams it is nice to see a group of unselfish guys going for one thing, a win. Whether I won the race or another teammate I could not have been happier with the results and the riding of the day.
Great job guys!
So, now we have the State TT and State RR under our belts. Our mission continues next week with the State Crit.
On the mountian bike side of things. I have been amist with whether I am going to continue this NORBA Marathon Overall pursuit. After being sick at Fontana I have to do some number crunching. The biggest problem is $$$. To get out to Deer Valley for the Marathon I am looking at some serious money. Gas, food, lodging. Key note to NORBA. Stop putting mountain bike races in places most mountain bikers can't afford to go to unless you are going to, at the very least, supply some camping. Regardless, if I go I will skip Sonoma the week after for my niece's Baptism.
Am I racing next year? Hmmm. Not sure. I have this wild idea of cruising Europe to ride every famous climb I can. France, Spain, Italy, you name it.
My old roommate and longtime friend, Derek, out in Boulder smacked his head white water Kyaking last week. He went over and a rock smacked him in the forehead just below his helmet line. A Cat Scan revealed no significant injury but something unrelated appeared. It was revealed to him that he has sinus cancer. Damn man. Tumor and all. So, he is in quick reaction mode to get that taken care off and will probably come back here to have the Mayo Clinic work that out. Best of luck man! Let me know if you need anything.
The Tour is coming, the Tour is coming. This one is going to freak'in fun to watch. Ciao -Ian
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Thor said...

Good job, Ian! A team effort win is a great feeling. Don't let that money shit get in the way of racing. If you have good form, use it!

I like the leather kits idea. Except that it would take probably 3 buffalo to provide me with one kit. Sounds like bad karma to me. We'll have to come up with some other solution...