Saturday, June 17, 2006

This is not going well

Well, the Nature Valley GP Stage Race is not going well for me this year. In fact, this is the worst I have ever raced a stage race. I know that my legs were tired going into the prologue and I felt them again in Cannon Falls. Last nights rainstorm from Hell did not test them for what awaited in Mankato. My legs have been running at 80%. I feel good but cannot get the power out. After racing today's race with about as much stupidity as a rider can, I found my legs with 30 miles to go. "Hey, where in the hell have you two been?" By then it was too late. We had fallen back so far I thought next year's Pro Men's field was going to catch us. I swear I saw Winter pass through while we were out there. Yep, I got my legs back but that was not going to be enough to close the gap.
Doug didn't start today because he is a bit sore from the hailfest and heavy downpour of last nights crit. in downtown Minneapolis. Danno stayed with us, and Mean Dawg got into a good group. But he met his fate due to some stupid riding by those around him. He crashed, broke yet another Zipp wheel, and had to settle riding with my slow ass. Really, I just did not ride a heads-up race whatsoever. My bad.
Of course the crosswinds existed and it was hot. Danno decided to take a "bum bath" to freshen up a bit after our stage was over.

Slim pick'ins under the Nature Valley tent this year. Not many of us left and we are getting smoked. However, do not attempt to smoke a Nature Valley Granola Bar.
So now what? I guess I have to make the best of what is left of this race. Tomorrow I have to ride as aggressive as possible and go for broke. Am I bummed? I was at first but this is racing. Sometimes you feel like a nut and more often than not you don't.

Thanks for all the name hollaring out there. I hear it and appreciate it. Sorry to let you down on this one.

Would someone please buy Mean Dawg a new pair of Bontrager Race X-Lites! He is in love. Don't break his heart. Ciao -Ian

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Is Dan wearing Crocs with socks???