Friday, June 30, 2006

Ummm, O.k, whatever

Well, I guess the startline for the 06 Tour was changed up a little bit. Basso is on the way back to Italy, Ullrich is heading back to the bar, Mancebo is going wherever Mancebo goes, and Tyler is wondering if maybe he should cut his training back. So, with that news my Dream Team Tour picks have been destroyed. Can I still get my $10 back guys? We are now left with Discovery, Phonak, and Gerolsteiner looking good. Ironically, all led by American riders who have raced under the flag of Sir Lancelot. Did Lance set all of this up? George! Head on over to IHOP for an extra dose of pancakes and bacon. Man, you look like you are getting a medical check-up AFTER the Tour. Could George pull this thing off? Maybe then my $10 is a good bet since George is on my squad.
Is Boonen man or machine? Either he is getting a medical check-up or he is "plugging in" to recharge the batteries.

With Levi's smooth head he is a sure bet for a win in the ITT. Hey Levi, have you practiced stepping up on a Tour podium yet? Get working on it. If Floyd could get sponsored by Gillette and Budweiser his image would be fullfilled. NASCAR is calling for him but not until he wins a Tour. (note to my team: look at his new Giro helmet.....hhhhmmmm)
It's going to be a great Tour anyhow. Sure, some of the favorites (ironically the top ones) are out but it still is anyone game. My overall pick? "Il Falcon" Mr. Paolo Savodelli.
Tomorrow I am off to Eau Claire, WI to pre-ride the WORS course if it is not getting soaked. From there I will stuff some more cash into "Big Oil's" pockets as I drive solo to Alpine Valley to see everyones favorite, the Dave Matthews Band. After a few hours of wondering how some women can be so hot and how Carter Beauford can make playing drums look so easy I will head back to Eau Claire, crash in a nice hotel room, and drag my ass to the startline Sunday for a re-introduction to mountain biking.
NORBA Marathons? Deer Valley is next week and I am sitting 5th in the series. However, this is getting to expensive to fly solo on. Gas, lodging, entry, etc. I can't pull off Deer Valley travelling on my own. With that said I am backing out of the hunt for the overall Marathon title. It sucks but it is the right thing to do. It is unfortunate since I have been feeling great lately and wanted to win one of these bastards ever since my Fontana/sickness ride. What are ya going to do? Go get it Jannell.
Prologue? The duel is between Zabriskie and Millar. Zabriskie! Ciao -Ian


Donut said...

George for the win with Floyd and Levi on the podi.

craig said...

Hey Ian,
I designed the EC course just for you!! Lots of tight twisty stuff. There are some fast wide open sections too. The good thing is the rain will probably help the course. See you there.

Ian Stanford said...

Oh Ya Craig. You know how I just love that tight twisty singletrack. I actually do for riding but I suck in it for racing. Watch out all you innocent trees. Here I come. See you there.

andy said...

Giro Ionos for 2007. Sweet. Let's get Bucky on the horn with Giro....

see ya tomorrow in norffield.

creepyfriendly said...

Hey Ian, good racing. To bad you can't make the marathon race. I have a proposition for you. Well not really a prop. but an offer. An offer to score the stars and stripes at nine mile. Entry paid and a great opportunity to race with Travis Brown. E-mail me at