Thursday, July 27, 2006

I am still around

Yep, I am still here. Unlike those rumors and contrary beliefs I did not get abducted by aliens and probed with needles for hours, I did not join the Army....again, I am not in jail nor was I, I am not glued to a girlfriend, I did not get stupid drunk and pass out in a van down by the river, nor have I been locked out of my apartment for the past 10-days. I still have internet and a computer so I don't have a single excuse for not updating.
I took a couple of days off to go kick it at the family's new cabin in Chetek. Looking like a great place for an end-of-the-yer throwdown. No, I race a MNSCS race in Redwing which was damn hot, hit Superweek for a day and still have all my skin, and went to a WORS race in Phillips.
Repect the triple digits and drink water. Two bottles or more folks. Tilt them back you waterholics.
More cabin fever. I am pretty sure I should live there full-time to ah......guard the place. Sure, why not?

24 Hours of Wausau this weekend. Here is my bed with the packing in progress. THe only thing missing is my mtb bike. Yep, warranty issue. Manufacturers defect and they are painting me a front triangle, bringing it to Wausau, and Zack Vestal is going to build her up along my mechanic, Scott Sherman. I wear green
So this whole issue with Floyd needs to be clean. Already the press and it hay day could spell disaster for U.S Cycling.Whew, I am tired. Better update the next time. Ciao -Ian

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andy said...

Are you seriously bringing the winter jacket?