Saturday, July 08, 2006

just watch'in the Tour

Today is the big 52K ITT in the Tour de France. Lets see, Julich has crashed out, Leiphiemer put down a cat. 5 effort (no offense cat. 5's but Levi is suppose to be a so-pro), rumors on T.V are that Landis has had a flat (ya, Schwalbe! Karma will catch up to you guys), and no word on the rest of the guys as of yet.
The Minnesota State Crit. last Tuesday went as planned. I asked Dan how he was feeling at the start and he said, "Pretty Good." O.k, I'll take that answer. GP and Silver showed up in numbers to match our squad size. Early in the race Mean Dawg and Greg Brandt took off from the start. They stayed out for a few laps before everything came back together. It took a few laps for the team to regain control of the race but once we did we were in every move or had it on a leash. Micah got off on a break again which was good for us. Doug had the full-on "Green Hornet" riding style going which translates into "Fast." Jake was looking like a killer. Going into the last lap I jumped up the climb and came to the front. Just then I heard that familiar voice of Dan telling me to go. I looked over my left shoulder and there he was, just like at the Hutchinson crit. From that point on I just drilled it to the line dumping Dan off a 100 meters from the line where he threw down the serious kick. All I could do was yell, "Go Dan Go!" and raise my hands as Dan took the line first. So that is a clean sweep of the State Championships for our team. Doug won the State RR, Dan took the State Crit, and I took the State ITT. (Photo by
Winona Ryder? What is up with a picture of her? Well, FACT: did you know she was born in Winona, Minnesota on Oct. 29, 1971? Yep, she is a native of my hometown. Of course , she is not allowed into any local businesses because our theft prevention technology has not been updated enough to keep up with her sticky fingers. She claims she comes back here every summer. Hmmmm, I have never seen her around here. "Hey, Winona, contact me when you show up!" I'll take her to Target to see just how good she is.

Last weekend was the WORS race at Eau Claire, WI. I felt pretty good but it has been a few weeks since I have been on a mountain bike. It was definitely nice to get back on one. Especially on the bad ass course the Mr. Craig Manthe designed for us. Finally, an actual mountain bike course again. After a couple cold laps for me and getting stuck behind a crash or two I was able to break out the legs, mind, and out of slower groups of riders to make a surge to the front. I was pulling back time but ran out of course. I settled for 4th at about 1.5 minutes back. There is something about a mountain bike race and the environment around it. People are cool, real smiles, real fun, and no one gives a rat's ass who is "the Man." Paul Hanson, Justin Reinhart, and TJ Woodruff were in town too which made it a fun race. I probably won't get to another WORS Race until possibly Phillips. I am going to hit the MNSCS race in Redwing next weekend.
Album of the Month (an actual album) Yep, Metallica's "Ride the Lightning." One of a few of their albums that was truly good. After "...and Justice for All" everything went down hill for them. This album represents the days of Cliff Burton on bass. That was a man possessed on 4-strings. Don't believe it? Just check out the video, "Clif'em All."
Hey, there are the guys from the winning Minnesota State Crit. Missing is Micah Moran. I think he is on another breakaway at the moment.
Well, Zabriskie didn't pull it off. The code word for today is "Landis." Bob has a new "lift" on life and apparently all the neighbors are talking and his wife is all smiles. OLN is going to be called "Versus" soon. ? oh, I get it. And every Tour Mania card I scratch off starts with "Ride with Lance" meaning I have already lost. Regardless, if I did win that ride it is going to Ebay. This man needs the cash. Landis did flat, got a new bike, and is sitting in second. McEwen is a sneaky bastard. Boonen lost too much muscle too. PMU hand are sharp. I have one. .Ouch! Watchout.

Next week- Superweek. Errrr

If anyone has access to a set of those "Race to Replace" old-fashioned poster sets hook a brother up.

Damn, the Americans are sucking this time trial up! I am surprised some little old lady on a three wheeled bike has flown past them yet wearing an aero bonnet. Ciao -Ian

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