Saturday, July 15, 2006

Screw Ticketmaster!

I was on Ticketmaster's freak'in website at 9:55 for Tool tickets at Target Center. I refreshed that damn site right up to 10am and then put in my ticket request for General Admission floor tickets at 10:00.30 tickets for the floor were not available. Please. How is that possible? Amazingly, Coast to Coast and TicketCo had piles of them before TicketMaster made them available. TicketMaster= $53.75 Coast to Coast? $160.00. TicketCO? $235.00! (Our tickets are noticeably higher due to the work required to obtain premium tickets). Screw you you bastard ass companies. It will be a cold day in Hell before I ever buy a ticket from you screw jobs. And TicketMaster? You make so much damn money off tickets in the first place and have to do very little to do it. Stop screwing us more than you already do. So, no Tool for me. I would have to run out of the Chequamegon after the 40-miler to get to the concert. I guess it is common courtesy for the winner to be at Telemark for the awards banquet anyhow. Thats right guys, let the War of Words game to begin. I have said enough. HA ha.
If you are truely a super cool person you will hook a man up on some General admission tickets to Tool. Help a begging brother out.
The rest of today is devoted to walking around with a holster full of waterbottles. Is this heat normal? Gas prices up, heat up, the Middle East heating up, air conditioning cranked all the way up, grocery prices up, Bob's up and apparently everyone knows it, Ticket Master is NOT up, I give up. Enjoy your 100 degree day no matter where you are in the USA today. Ciao -Ian

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