Monday, July 10, 2006

Superweek or Bust

Well, for today it was a "Bust." I had meant to go to Alpine Valley today for some love on the road but I couldn't even move today. I was tired and I have been dealing with some lower back pain this last week. If you know me well enough you know the history behind my back pain. No bueno. Anyhow, top that off with the relentless quest for trying to find someone to do feeds for you and sometimes Superweek should be a bust. Personally, I am getting sick of driving because everytime I do I have to go through massive depression bouts as I watch the gas pump number rise as fast as our National Deficit. I remember days when it took a good minute to reach the $10 mark on the pump. Now? I just put the damn nozzle in the car, turn the pump on, check out the hot chick walking out of the gas station, and "Poof!" I am down $20 bucks already and I am still under halfway there.
Yesterday was the Hopkins Raspberry Festival Crit. Luckily it wasn't as hot as last year's but it was still pretty warm. Mean Dawg and Greg made a repeat attempt from Northfield with a bolt from the startline. It finally got caught and I took a flyer with the intent of just spreading things out. Well, I look back to see a GP and Flanders rider along with my fellow teammate, Micah Moran. A 50% break, lets go! We opened up a bit more the next lap when another GP rider got across to us. So much for the 50%er but it was still good. Of course, I had no idea that we would be drilling it for the next 50 minutes. We lost the Flanders guy which got us back to 50% but then Micah clipped a pedal in a turn while we were in sight of the rear of the field. I lost Micah as the GP quest for the field continued. As we approached the field I noticed nearly every GP rider looking back and waiting for their riders. I knew that was not a good look for me. As I followed them up through the field doors opened for them all over. As soon as I got to that door it got slammed. Luckily, a $100 prime got thrown out and Danno made his move to the front. GP messed that one up and Dan got the cash. Very good indeed.
Now it was up to me to finish this thing off. GP had everyone up front and one dude who would not stop half wheeling me to my right rear. Flanders was trying to help me but GP owned the front. Between turns three and four I tried to get out after Mean Dawg busted his ass for me for three laps trying to pound down a door. The field went wide out of turn three which left the downwind pocket open. Perfect. Oh crap, a Flanders rider sprinted in and boxed me in tight from the left. I yelled at him to move left but he didn't. I needed that door. So I reset my mind and tried to get a perfect shot out of the last turn. By that time I realized that Eric Marcotte had the gap for the win so I made a plug at Hanna. He looked back and I got up to him wheel for wheel. My luck went bye bye when my rear wheel slipped on a manhole cover under the pressure of the sprint and I lost 2nd by inches. I was just glad not to go down.
Looking back at it I thought it was a good break. However, things changed during that break that happened after the point of no return. I would have really like to have won it and I talked myself into that with three laps to go, but it wasn't meant to be.
Today was a little work and a lot of sleep. I have to get my back back into shape and some swelling down in my left achilles after I sprained that trying to reach for something on my cupboards. "POP!" and that was all she wrote. I was reaching for a container of protein powder so I will write that off as a training injury.
More Tour tomorrow but a boring stage I am sure. I will be on the bike instead. But the mountains are looming and the Tour is going to get even more interesting. Discovery has nothing to lose. They need to let Savodelli ride his mountain tempo, protect him with a couple of riders, and throw the others onto the attack. However, maybe Hincapie crazy girl waistline and the power/weight ratio that comes with that will shine. Ex- mountain biker Cadel Evans is looking good for this one too. Landis is not drinking enough milk for those strong bones and teeth but he looks to be the most fresh. He will do well if he can escape his mechanical hell. Ciao -Ian

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