Tuesday, August 01, 2006

damn the photo blogger

Well, I am trying to load some photos from this past weekend at the 24 Hours of Nine Mile National 24 Hour Championships. Once I get the photos to load I will tell ya all about it. Until then.......we won the 30+ Masters 4-man National title (Todd McFadden, Chris Peariso, Luke Nelson, Ian Stanford, and mechanic, Scott Sherman). The 4-Man overall went to Brian Matter, AJ Ettmayer, and Jesse and Marko LaLonde. Chris Eatough took the solo title with Nat Ross coming in second.
Heat, light, dark, storms, coffee, banana bread, Rice Krispy treats, lost clothing, jacked frames, sweat, humidity, and a Stars and Stripes jersey. Lots to talk about once I get this photo load crap working. -Ian


Donut said...

Nice job, Old Guy stars and bars. Sweet!

CXKing said...

Stars and bars? You won the Confederate States of America National Championships?!?